Resources for learning python for forensics

12 Apr 2013

This is just a small collection of the resources that are available if you are interested in learning python. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of everything available, just enough to get you started. They are not listed in any particular order although I may have saved the best till last ;-)

•    The official Python tutorial •

Free Online Classes

•    Google Python classes

Books (free online)

How to think like a computer scientist:
Learn Python the Hard Way:
Invent with Python:
Hacking secret ciphers with Python (from Invent with Python)

Books (not free but worthwhile getting)

T.J OConnor Violent Python:
Justin Seitz Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
John Zelle Python Programming: An introduction to computer science 2nd ed


Official Documentation

Forensics & Python

Willi’s modules:
The volatility project:
Joachim Metz’s libraries: (not all of these are python, but many have python bindings and some are python!)
Dave Nides blog (author of 4n6time);
Plaso (backend engine for log2timeline):
T.J OConnor’s SANS paper Grow Your Own Forensic Tools: A Taxonomy of Python Libraries Helpful for Forensic Analysis

<shameless plug> the course I teach at Champlain College Scripting for Digital Forensics
and of course the list would not be complete without a cheat sheet