DFIROnline Updates

At the beginning of this month I was thinking that the schedule for DFIROnline was looking a ...

15 Apr 2012


DFIROnline Meetup review

I think the DFIROnline meetup went well tonight. The turn-up tripled from the first event, we ...

17 Jan 2012


Thoughts about last night

So after last night’s meetup I have a few thoughts on what went well and what did not. ...

14 Dec 2011


Online meetup survey results

So after one week I have got around to checking out the survey results. 68% of respondents went ...

17 Nov 2011


Online DFIR meetups

At PFIC I was talking to Harlan Carvey about his NoVA meetups and how great they sounded. ...

10 Nov 2011